Our milk & cheese products are available at several local retail shops. Including: Tempe Farmers Market, Duck & Decanter - Camelback, Fnb Market, & Crossfit Fury. You can find our vat-pasteurized milk is available in 1/2 gallons at many valley Whole Foods locations. We also offer products sales at the dairy farm. Please call or text Wendell at (602) 390-2601 to make an appointment and arrange a pickup time and date.


Our goats have unlimited access to alfalfa hay, minerals, and baking soda. While in the barn, they receive a portion of barley and molasses. Also, our herd receives treats of mesquite and eucalyptus branches, bamboo, and seasonal oat hay.

are your products organic?

Although we are not certified organic, we strive to meet similar requirements. Our hay and grain is non-GMO, we do not use growth hormones or prophylactic antibiotics. Also, our kids are raised by their mothers until weaned. Here at Crow's Dairy, we make it a priority to do our best for our herd and our customers.

Do you sell raw milk?

After 3 years of selling legal raw milk for human consumption, we regret that we are no longer offering it for sale. This decision was reached due to the high cost of raw milk liability insurance and mandatory disease testing costs. In addition to the said expenses, we were competing with illegal producers providing raw milk at a lower price without the authority to do so. These producers claim their milk is for "pet use only" but, if they followed pet milk guidelines, their milk should be dyed grey with food coloring to decharacterize it. No milk (that is white) is legal for any type of sale unless the producer is Grade A. However, you can still find it on, farm swap/sales Facebook Groups, and hidden under a table at a famer's market near you. For your safety, due diligence is a must prior to purchasing from one of these outlets. Witness the cleanliness/collection/cooling process for yourself. Then call the DHIA dairy lab at (480) 894-0156 to submit a sample of the milk for culture. This way you will be able to know the quality of the milk you will be consuming. The lab is located at 811 W. Broadway Road, Tempe, Arizona. Our friend, Alethea Swift dba Fiore di Capra, is the only legal producer of raw goat milk in Arizona. She comes highly recommended. Her website Is: 

On the bright side, our low temperature, vat-pasteurized milk is available at the above listed locations.

can we come and visit crow's dairy?

Unfortunately, we are not open for public tours at this time. We are grateful for your understanding as this is a private residence in addition to a working farm. Perhaps, in the future, we will able to accommodate this request.

do you ship your products?

We are currently working on this. Please check back with us in the future!

Do you sell your dairy goats?

Sales of dairy goats can be arranged by contacting Wendell at (602) 390-2601.